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קו ראשון
קו ראשון
Nir Oz
22.10.23, 8:09


פורסם על ידי אדוה אדר בתאריך 25/10/23 ב"פייסבוק"

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My dear grandmother,
It's been more than a week since you were kidnapped from us with unimaginable cruelty. A week in which we have not slept much, a week in which we are mostly anxious for your well-being, we all miss you so much.
We tell the world about how strong, special and smart you are. how at the age of 85 you are as sharp as a razor, taking down shots with us at family meals, and always taking care of us all.
You won't believe it Grandma; your face appears in newspapers and on the leading television networks in Israel and the world. Everyone wrote about you - CNN, WSJ, Reuters, you became one of the symbols of October 7th horror, with your head held high and your noble gaze in the face of the gross brutality of those who took you from us.
We tell about how the life in Kibbutz Nir Oz before this cursed Shabbat were, about the pastoralism on the paths that instantly turned into hell on earth. We tell, how much you loved this country, you built it with your own two hands, you truly believed that we could have a good future here.
The tears have long been out of control, they just flow, and the thoughts about you never stop. How do you feel without your medications? Does the pain give you a rest? Are you cold at night? Are you with your eldest grandson Tamir who was kidnapped as well, or maybe with other kibbutz members, hugging and caring for the little babies who were kidnapped. At least there are familiar faces to take some kind of a comfort in the dark and scary place you are in?
Be strong grandma, for all of us. I don't know who reads my posts and where they will eventually end up. Please know Grandma that along with the many terrible horrors, miracles also happened and I do strongly believe that even among those who hold you there are those who understand that no religion in the world agrees to such acts and that it is not too late to do the right thing.
We are so worried about you grandma and hope you survive this hell, we pray that we will be able to reach you in time. We are doing everything we can to get you back to us.
But we need help, we are asking, begging, from everyone who reads and sees this, share this in any possible way, in any channel and language, help us free our grandmother now, immediately, we don't have time.

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אני לא מעכלת, וכנראה שזה יקח עוד הרבה זמן.היינו חלק ממסיבת הטבח.הגענו לקראת הזריחה, אחרי חצי שעה אני רואה התרעות בפלאפון על צבע אדום.מסתכלות לשמיים...

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