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קו ראשון
קו ראשון
Netiv HaAsara
7.10.23, 3:30


פורסם על ידי Nofer Almog בתאריך 22/10/23 ב"חדשות n12"

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כתבה - N12

Photos by אביב אברג'ל

Nofer Almog, her husband, and her 3-year-old daughter from Netiv HaAsara hid in the shelter of their home yesterday from six in the morning until the afternoon, when they were informed that the moshav was safe and that they could leave. Around them, 15 of their neighbors were murdered by Hamas, "We are not doing well at all. We fled to my mother-in-law in Ashkelon and spent the night at her place. Now we are figuring out where to go."
"The whole time in the shelter was very difficult, knowing the entire time we were in a safe room that couldn’t be locked and there are terrorists walking around the moshav," Nofer said.
Updates kept coming on the Moshav Whatsapp group – 'they're knocking on our window, help, come save us', some of them were murdered. My friend heard them walking around. We specifically felt that we were being watched over from above." According to Nofer, the shooting continued the whole time. They received updates on what was happening outside from neighbors who had a camera installed outside, until the reception dropped in the afternoon. "At some point we brought knives. We realized that we had no way to protect ourselves. We said that if something happened our daughter would go into the closet and we tried to show her that everything was fine... we started singing songs to her." "Around five in the afternoon, we were informed that we could go out," Nofer continued. "It was quieter, there was barely any gunfire. Only then did I really believe, I couldn't stay (in the shelter) any longer. People came out and informed me, the group was active from the field. As soon as they said we could leave the moshav, we threw things into a suitcase, took bags for the road and drove to Ashkelon to my mother-in-law. It was a miracle. Only then did I allow myself to breakdown and cry, 20 minutes of an anxiety attack. The tears wouldn't stop, my body couldn't digest what had and there I couldn't make a sound. I began to thank God for everything He gave me in life, for my family, friends, experiences, for everything.

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